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July 1: Pyrotechnics Display .Lake Holt NC

July 3: Pyrotechnics Display. AtlanticBeach, NC

July 4, Pyrotechnics Display. Ahoskie, NC

July 14-18 AllGood Festival. Masontown, WV

July 15-17 Transformus Festival. Asheville NC

Spetember3-10 Burningman Project, Black Rock City,NV

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Middle East: Winter 2011/2012.
We're working on returning to the Middle East this winter 2011/12 for a series of performances. Last time, in 2006, after an amazing time through Dubai and Oman, including a few camel rides, we know more of what to expect, know how to win over the audiences, secure our fuels, and get around...So we're ready to take it up a notch with a new series of 30 minute feature fire-only sets for option. More details to come in regards to locations, dates, and links to preparation blogs. If we're good, we'll tie in the shows with India, and round out the entire trip in 6 weeks.

Forays Into Pyrotechnics Displays 2011
Summer 2011 markes the closest we've been on site for a real-deal high-sky fireworks and pyrotechnic display. Surrounded by electronic ignitions, shells the size of your fist, city state and local fire marshals, and One amazing mentor... More to come on where we go with this, but Bash already has one more project lined up, you guessed it, right around the 4th of July....and you know how big those displays are! It's a very exciting year already.

Teaching Professional Skateboarder Jason Ellis the Art Of Fire Breathing Oct 2010
We stopped by Jason Ellis' Beverly Hills casa to share the art of fire breathing for an upcoming covershoot for ESPN magazine. If you haven't heard his XM/Sirius Radio show, definitely do so. This guy is crazy! And a pretty good fire breather too (now).
On set, he was letting a 15' Python Bite him and wrestle him underwater for the perfect camera shot. Surreal, the things we get into in this industry. We'll teach all you Superstars out there so you can have a firebreath battle with Mr Ellis. Just call.

NHL Allstar Game : Wide Open Festival RDU

Winter 2011 brought the NHL Allstar game to Raleigh-Durham North Carolina, and Creative Flame was there. Performing Fire shows during the event with ice and snow machines afoot was definitely a first for us. We don't even know who won. sorry!

Performance with Armitage Shanks of Circus Contraption..... Bash got the honor to learn from, hang with, and ultimately perform onstage with arguably, one of the Greats in the Burlesque Sideshow world, Armitage Shanks. If you've heard of the hauntingly entrancing project 'Circus Contraption', He's behind it. This past summer, he brought an ensemble cast, including Bash from Creative Flame,The Mezmer Society, Akarimorph Circus, and the Lovely Libravado Sisters, MC'd by Armitage Shanks, at Club 828 in Asheville,NC. Check out some of these awesome artists, insanely talented, and it was a hell of a lot of fun!

NPR: Creative Flame's First fire show on the Radio....!?!? Its stange to hear someone you hear on the radio talking to you on the phone. So when we spoke to Robert Siegel from NPR, it was REALLY surreal. Creative Flame was featured on the NPR regular segment "The Sounds Of", where they record the sounds of people's jobs. The sound of Fire IS pretty cool, so NPR came to us, and recorded the audio of us performing various fire tools. A fire gig on the radio!?!? Now THAT's a first for us. This happened during our expedition to Wilmington, to create a Gypsy circus-style entertainment venue. Listen to it here!

America's Next Top Model w/ Tyra Banks on Television ...
Celsius & Kenrom headed up Creative Flame's television performance for America's next top Model. It's already aired, but it pops up from time to time. Excellent work!

Three days on One Tree Hill ...
Well it's about time for the WB's season premiere of One Tree Hill, and you'll see Four of Creative Flame on it, including Sideshow Joe, Picasso, Bash, and Foxx. As usual, we can't say why or where, but we'll be on it. Keep your eyes peeled. Fall '09

On the Road With 'Shishaden' ... the mobile amient hookah lounge
Up through 2010,
the Shishaden Dome has brought us to several large music festivals East of the Mississippi, including Trinumeral, Bonnaroo, The Allgood Festival, Trib0riginal, Port City Music Fest, The 420fest, among several other private & corporate events. Many of these evenys brought the Shishaden to life. (the Shishaden is a large geodesic dome used as a sub-environment within an event, and staging area/nexus / Alternative stage for variety performances, and even a full service Hookah Lounge) We're bringing in the 'den for the winter after Halloween, slated for enrichments and to make her even bigger. more to come...

Creative Flame @ Trinumeral 9.9.09
Last year, 8/8/08, Creative flame brought the SHISHADEN to Trinumeral as the featured Artist Private Lounge. This year, we're back at Trinumeral 9/9/09 September 9th through sept 13th 2009 offering up vignette performances on the stagefront for acts like Conspirator, RJD2, Bela Fleck, and more! For the complete lineup, check their website!


But true love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, never sick, never old, never dead,

From itself never turning. -Sir Walter Ralegh


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