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Performance Themes

For events with no set theme or requests, we perform in Modern Tribal attire. Other common performance themes we do...

Angels / Devils
Arabic / Middle Eastern
Asian / Martial Arts
Black / Gothic / Mad Max Style
Chefs / Servers
Circus / Carnival
Glow in the dark
Hawaiian / Polynesian
Island / Hula Fusion
Jungle / Voodoo
Mad Science
Mardi Gras / Carnivale
Office Style: Suit & Tie
Renaissance / Medieval
Space / Aliens
Spy: Tux / Black Dress
White attire / Color theme

If your theme isn't listed above, Contact Us to discuss your concept.

Busy Event planners dont always have time or energy to figure out how to get the acts to them. That's why Creative Flame assists in researching the most cost-effective means of getting US to YOUR event, affording you more time for other aspects of planning your event.


Events are like theatre. It's live, and truly unique to the time, place, day, and the people attending it.... therefore, our show offerings are equally varied.

Read on to learn more about what we offer, OR if you already know what you're looking for, use the links on the left side to get you there quicker.

Performance rates may vary due to several factors: length of engagement, duration of performance, distance traveled, special requests for specific talent, “look” or skill sets, high-demand holidays, or other determining factors. Please inquire for rates.




Feature Shows
A fixed performance at a fixed time and stage location. Ranging from a 5 minute high-energy blast, 12-15 mins, 20-30 min & Greater than 45 min spectacles with ensemble cast, depending on the nature of event. Features can occur on a stage, dance floor, poolside, or any area which serves as a focal point for the event guests to witness the performance simultaneously. The event's guests may already be aware of the upcoming show, or we are hired as a surprise act. It is not uncommon for a client to need us for only two minutes for visual impact!

Walkaround VIgnettes
For events of a social nature, where many things are happening, or when assembling all guests is either impossible, or detractory to the event. Vignettes are shorter performances lasting about 5 minutes each during an extended duration, usually lasting for one hour up to multi-hour public events. Vignettes may occur in the same space each time, or at various areas around the scope of the event. 

Entry & Greeting
For events where the primary focus is ambiance, we use an Entry & Greet, performing as the guests arrive, to set the mood for the event

Workshop / Interactive
Corporate team-building exercises & teaching children, adult groups, or event guests how to use and have fun with various circus apparatus, including juggling balls, hula hoops, crystal ball body rolling, Maori poi, or Staffs. Not technically a "show", but still a performance all its own.

Sometimes, a combination of the above show formats is the best fit for your event. Tell us more about your event, and we'll gladly discuss what option may best work for you.


Whether day or night, inside or outside, there is a show set to fit the event.

Daytime Shows
For Street Fairs, Festivals, or other events occurring during the daytime, we perform with visually impacting objects, including flags, streamers, large colorful objects, stilt-based performances, aerial options, and yes, even fire. Our special additives to the fire make the flames highly visible and impressive even in daylight.

Glow / LED light Shows
For Indoor clubs, low-clearance party tents, or other events where fire is either not allowed, or desired, we use LED, Luminescent, and Battery powered apparatus. All the same tools we use on fire have an equally impressive glow version. Glow shows can create digital strobe effects, streams of color, spirals, and more amazing illusions. Think of it as digital fire.


Show Layout

Creative Flame commonly arrives 30 min-1 hour pror to start, to meet the onsite coordinator, assesses the show area, make adjustments for space & height constraints, traffic flow, fuel area location, sound/lights, etc. We assess the event landscape for available show-enhancements (ie: performing near a swimming pool, balcony, onstage, etc.) when & where applicable. This is also the time we meet with Fire marshals when required. * For larger events or production work, the preshow call time may be greater.

The nature of the event, its theme, whether the event is indoors or outdoors, and the site-specific nuances of the location ultimately determine which tools are used. But our artists always come prepared with various alternative fire tools to fit any type of environment.

During Show
Whether it's our 5 minute blast, or a full-length feature, the audience will see a varying number of exciting fire tools. Starting out with smaller flames, with feats like fire eating & palm torches, gradually progressing in music tempo, size of the fires & speed in which the tools are manipluated, climaxing into a spectacular finale, commonly with a fire whip, fire hula hoop, polynesian fire staffs, or similar.

After the performance, when requested, performers may remain to speak with the coordinator when available, meet the host, and in special circumstances, stick around for photos, audience questions, Naturally, each event is different, and each client has different requests. whether it's a birthday, wedding, luau, or corporate seminar, each show is tailored to become its very own unique performance.

Creative Flame maintains an extensive wardrobe of various thems and styles from Asian to Polynesian, from Arabic to Cirque. IF we don't have the costume for your specific theme, our costume designer can create something spectacular and original for your event particular to the event theme.

For events where no specific requests for costume are made, we perform in a "Modern Tribal" attire.
Males, generally shirtless, or vested, with arm and neck ornamentation, and tribal markings.
Females, generally heavily adorned, with sarong/wraps or similar, with face and body ornamentation/markings.

Modern Tribal style costumes borrow ornamentation styles from various cultres. The costumes denote an international ethnicity and feel, while the exact origin is not exactly identifiable, making Modern Tribal a versatile costuming option for various event themes.

Often , we have the look you want. If you absolutely need something we don't have, we can assign our designer to contact you about your design needs, and make the magic happen.

Unless otherwise specified by the client, music is provided by Creative Flame performers, for play on the music system available provided by the venue. In certain instances, Creative Flame is able to provide our own sound apparatus. If the event already has a live music act, we can integrate with the act for a combination music/performance set.

Our music chosen is applicable to the theme, and suitable for the specific demographic. When no specific mention of theme/special musical requests are made, We perform to a drum-heavy, fast-paced tribal electronic music. Music samples/options can be provided by request.

For events requiring that 'live' music feel, we also perform with live drummers, and sometimes a musical entourage. Creative Flame's lateral roster of musical talent spans most genres to fit ideally within most corporate events, weddings, and private events.

Additional Skills
In addition to fire performance, each member posesses unique abilities and specializations beyond fire. So if you're planning an event that needs Fire Performers, Stiltwalkers AND Tarot card readers. Check us first. Chances are high that we can satisfy all your needs from one company.

* Acting *Arobalance *Aerial Arts *Bed of Nails *Diabolo *DJ *Drummers *Dancers *Belly Dance
* Contortionism *Firework Effects *Glass Walking *Ice Sculpting *Juggling *Knife Juggling *MC *Magic *Middle Eastern Percussion *Musical Comedy *Snake Handling *Stand Up Comedy
*Stilt Dancing *Sword balancing *Tarot Rading *Tribal Belly Dance Ensemble
* Unicycling * Whip Cracking
... you name it, we either have it, or know 'em.



Arabian Nights / Fire Bellydance
Fire bellydancers appear in traditional/modern tribal belly dance attire, with coinbelts, veils, finger cymbals (Zills) and various lightweight hand-held fire apparatus. Fire is the primary, but not sole medium of demonstration, the audience can commonly expect to see a combination of fire effects implemented into the dances. Since many of the venues that request fire bellydance occur indoors, special care is taken to produce fire effects that are visually stimulating, with less stringent prerequisites for ceiling height, audience proximity, and fuel storage.

Children's Parties
Our Childrens' performances involve a combination of any of over a dozen various fire tools. Costumes and music are adjusted forthe age range, theme and preference, and can be performed in any of our Show Formats. Special interactive performances can be made to implement to guest of honor into the show. Contact us for more details.

Luaus & Island Theme: Creative Flame's HULA FUSION
Performer (male) generally performs in a sarong, grass wrist and ankle leis, shirtless with tribal markings, on face, back, and arms. (female) generally wears a flowered skirt and wrap top, with leis, and wrist/head flowers. (No plastic grass skirts~ too dangerous with fire). The music is a fast-paced tribal polynesian-infused set, building in energy throughout the performance. We reach beyond the Pacific Islands to borrow disciplines from as far as the Middle East, to give a modern tribal rendition we call Hula Fusion. This hybrid show always leaves the audiences with a tribal island experience that is beyond your average Hula show.

Wedding Offerings
The options here are infinite. We love themed weddings! Performance features work very well in these scenarios, with a special interactive piece involving the bride and groom. At the end of the feature. at the specific request of the newlyweds, We sometimes are asked to orchestrate a short "ceremony"-type piece. Similar to the "lighting of the candles" used at many wedding alters, we assist the couple in igniting a fire of their own, in any number of ways, including a speech, poem, symbolic action, etc. Usually closing with both bride and groom igniting a bonfire or symbolic torch which burns through the remainder of the evening, enjoyed by all.



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