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Experienced, insured, professional, Our fire & nonfire shows combine A mystical blend of Fire Dance, Cirque & Vaudeville, plus a touch of sideshow.

After initial contact and show details are determined, we provide a contract via email for your review.
A performance deposit is required, and rehearsals, prop construction, costuming, and music track selections begin. As the event nears, you’ll receive progress updates and promotional material if needed. You may also contact us about event developments & adjustments, onsite coordinator contact info, etc.

For private events, we arrive 30 min-1 hour prior to start to meet the onsite coordinator, assess show area, making adjustments for space/height constraints, traffic flow, fuel location, sound/lights, etc.
For roving shows, we assess the event landscape for available show-enhancements (ie: performing near a swimming pool, balcony, onstage, etc.) We arrive earlier via appointment for public events to meet with onsite Fire officials for demonstrations when applicable. *For film shoots and large production projects, pre-show call times may be greater.

After the show, performers may remain to greet guests, meet the host or guest of honor, pose for photos, or take questions, when permitted or predetermined. We remove all expendables from site.

Costumes are appropriate to event themes, age range, or cultural sensitivities. Special costume requests are handled during the contact process. When no event theme requests have been made, we commonly perform in a Modern Tribal attire; A versatile costuming option, which borrows ornamentation from, and appeals to a broad range of cultures.

Most often, we play our music on systems provided by the client, unless otherwise determined during contract. When performing during live music acts, we may integrate with the act, or perform during intermissions. Music is theme-driven and suitable for the specified demographic. When no specific music requests are made, we perform to a fast-paced, percussive tribal electronic music. Music samples/options provided by request. We may also perform with live drummers or musical entourage, also determined during contract.

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