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Experienced, insured, professional, Our fire & nonfire shows combine A mystical blend of Fire Dance, Cirque & Vaudeville, plus a touch of sideshow.

Whether day or night, inside or outside, we have the tools to fit the event.

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Any of these skills can be showcased at your next event.
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Creative Flame can employ over 30 different fire tools in a show, from artforms around the world… including several unique inventions. These include: Fire Staff, Fire poi, Fire devil sticks, fire juggling, fire diabolo, fire swords, fire hula hoop, fire belly dancing, fire fingers, fire palm torches, fire whip, fire fans, fire rope dart, fire nunchaku, fire eating, fire breathing, fire painting / fakir / painting, fire dragon staff, fire meteor, unconventional fire apparatus, fireworks manipulation, green fire, pyrotechnics, flame effects, propane poofers, and the list goes on….

LED/ BLACKLIGHT /GLOW TOOLS aka: “digital fire.” All the same tools we use on fire have an equally impressive glow version, adapted to glow in the dark with LED lighting technology. Some of the more fantastic effects are achieved with Glow Juggling, Glow Hoop, Glow Poi, and Glow Staff. Great for indoor clubs, low-clearance party tents, or other events where fire is either not allowed, or desired.

Again, every tool we set on fire holds its own weight as its own art form. For daytime events, we may attach flags or streamers to almost everything for a dynamic effect…Plus more.
Add to that, Unicycle, Cigar boxes, stilt walkers, whip crackers, balancing, and more.

We’re big fans of the lost art of sideshow. Some acts include: Bed of nails, Glass Walking, grinder girl, Staplegun body, Block head, and more gross stuff.

We have unique abilities and specializations beyond fire.Check us first. There’s more to us than fire.
* Belly dance * Acrobalance * Stilt Walkers * Pyrotechnics * Zorb rolling * Ice Sculptors * Sword Jugglers * Percussionists / drummers * Snake Charmers / handlers * Tarot Readers




FIRE STAFF: Long poles from 4’-6’ with fire wicking on each end. Also performed with more than one staff at a time. Staffs are spun about the body and thrown in the air, creating extremely large and fast fire circles.

MAORI FIRE POI: An ancient art form, the Maori tribes spun thes flaming chains attached to the wrists in fast, intricate geometric patterns around the head and body.

CHINESE DEVIL STICKS: Over 2000 years old, the Chinese fire sticks consist of 3 flaming wands, ignited at both ends. The center stick can be tossed high in the air, and create amazing flame circles and fiery optical illusions resembling DNA spirals.

FIRE JUGGLING TORCHES: The classic juggling torches, set on fire. Combines skill and finesse, defying gravity, while tossing behind the back, under legs, balanced on the head, passed between partners, and manipulated in infinite patterns.

FIRE DIABOLO: The predecessor to the Yo-Yo, and about 10 times in size, this age-old Asian invention is thrown high skyward, “tied” around the body, finessed under legs, around neck, passed between partners, & more.

FIRE SWORDS: Fire Swords Various sword styles, from flaming martial-arts weaponry in brandishing and combat, to ornate curved scimitars balanced on the head of tribal belly dancers. Double swords, choreography, and ceremonials.

FIRE HULA HOOP: Not just a kid’s toy anymore, eight fiery spokes extend from the hoop, whirled about the head, neck, legs, and arms of a new breed of amazingly skilled professional hoopers!

FIRE FINGERS: 6” and longer metal coil finger extensions set on fire, moving with the fingers, accentuating choreographed or solo dance routines & used for fire eating.

PALM TORCHES: Ornate bowls, self-contained candles, and palm-mounted fire apparatus held in the palms, for great indoor or outdoor performances, with a smooth flowing breandished flame as a great accent to any dance.

FIRE FANS:    Resembling Geisha fans, with fire on five end points. Flourished close to the body, and tossed, spun or brandished during dance to create various visual effects, from smooth flowing to chaotic jumping flame effects.

FIRE WHIP:    Single or double whips, ranging from 4’ crops to 8’s bullwhips. Swung far around the artist, creating long fire lines, wide flaming circular patterns, and the amazingly loud-sounding snapping fire burst when “cracked”.

FIRE EATING : The art and dance of placing, and ingesting handheld torches for jaw-dropping theatrics.

FIRE BELLY DANCE: ( HIP BELTS,etc.) A category all its own~ Many of our dancers study the discipline of bellydance, using many of the aforementioned tools. In addition, we utilize several flaming accents especially for bellydancers, including fire hip belts, fire armwear, wrist gauntlets, fire headdresses, fire balancing scimitars, and more.

FIRE BREATHING(tech) The art of billowing balls of fire from the mouth, creating various sizes of fire blasts.

CONTACT FIRE / BODY PAINTING: (tech) “Wiping” or “Painting” the body with fire torches, briefly igniting parts of the body, leaving a line of flame on the skin for show.

UNCONVENTIONALS: (FIRE UMBRELLA, etc): This classic everyday umbrella isn’t going to stop any rain. The fabric is replaced by wicking, and ignited. Great balancing feats, rolls, spins, and tosses~ Fantastic in themed and choreographed shows…… WE classify this as an “Unconventional”, in the same category as fire headresses, fire shoes, fire jumprope, flaming jackets, fire wings, flaming tables & other odd objects.

Creative Flame’s fire tools are designed to be affixed with various forms of fireworks, smoke, strobe, and other visuals. Not applicable for some events due to space limitations, and internationals due to transport, supply, licensing and other factors…But a Damn good finale, nonetheless!

FLAME EFFECTS: For specific theatrical effects, we prepare various concoctions to produce Colored Flames, including Brilliant red, Irridescent Green, Deep Purple, Blue, and various combinations thereof.

PROPANE POWERED STAGE EFFECTS: Our mad scientists have developed numerous portable and stationary flame effect pieces, including flamethrowers, Gigatubes, Perpetual flame accent decorations, and interactive Fire Art, and custom work. * Flame effects only applied where approved, safe, and upon specific request.

Any one of these skills can be showcased at your next event.
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