Fire Belly Dancers, Sword Jugglers, Snake Handlers & more

For Middle Eastern and Arabic themed events, the possibilities are endless.
Here are just a few options of what we do:

Sword Handlers & Jugglers
Sword Jugglers and fire eaters work great as ambient background entertainers, interacting with guests at entry or during cocktail hour, or as feature entertainment. Dancers balance swords on their heads while belly dancing, too.

Belly dancers with Fire ( or nonfire )
Fire belly dancers appear in traditional/modern tribal belly dance attire, with coin belts, veils, zills ( finger cymbals) and/or various fire effect. Expect an amazing show that combines the beauty of belly dance with the allure of fire.

Snake Charmers / Snake dancers
Belly dancers with pet snakes that become part of the dance.

The Shishaden: Hookah Lounge & Pillow Den environment + Entertainers
For clients who want a middle-eastern theme event, but don’t know where to start, we offer a completely scaleable Middle-Eastern themed environment called Shishaden; We convert your outdoor patio or room into a fully functioning pillow den, or fully staffed hookah lounge, complete with entertainment of your choice: sword jugglers, belly dancers, snake handlers, and more.

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