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Experienced, insured, professional, Our fire & nonfire shows combine A mystical blend of Fire Dance, Cirque & Vaudeville, plus a touch of sideshow.

Fire performances that occur indoors in public places often require Fire Marshal approval.  THe following is a compilation of information especially for the Fire marshals.
We are available to address any concerns, questions, or offer any additional information concerning your venue’s Open flame policy, and ease any fears about having a fire performance in the venue.

A Fire Marshal may or may not be required to be present for your event, and we can advise you. In cases where a Fire Marshal is required, It’s often easier for us to deal with the Marshal, or an overly concerned venue or event cordinator. Marshals usually require applications, drawings, permits, and lots of questions ~ which can become daunting when you’re busy orchestrating your event. We can handle it. We have the answers, and the experience… we do it all the time! We know what they like, need, and want~ So if you really want a fire show, let us do the talking.


* Research Local Fire Codes for your area.
* Obtain all required documentation, Safety data, Layouts & Plot plans necessary for permit approval. * Provide detailed fire tool construction diagrams, often requested by many Fire Marshals
* Handle any required Fire Department licensing or permit application processes.
* Coordinate between the Event coordinator, Fire Dept. & Venue to ensure a safe, legal performance.
* Provide a certificate of additional $3 million in fire liability insurance bearing the names all parties, covering the venue, directors, specific persons, etc…


EASING CONCERNS with your venue about fire :

*We are dancers and object manipulators using fire as a medium.

* We perform internationally, and have done so for apx 10 years.

* As fire performance has become more popular within the last five years,the growth of our trade has prompted certain regulations from within our own industry. They are the Fire Performer Safety Regulations (FPSR) set forth by the North American Fire Artists’ Association. (NAFAA)

* Our industry safety regulations were deemed necessary, as a specific guideline to a number of fire performance-related issues, such as handling & storage of fuels, ceiling height requirements, distance from audience,safety equipment types and methods of application, etc.

* Since the development of the FPSR, several cities, including Los Angeles, have received, and utilized the codes, as a reference guide to dealing with fire performers. Many cities now have certain guidelines and procedures specifically for fire performance.

* NAFAA rules have been implemented by the world fire performance community as generally accepted operating standards.

* The methods of fire we employ are considered Type I devices. Meaning, there is no internal or external fuel supply connected to the apparatus. Unless otherwise specified in writing, and only with proper authorized handlers, We do not work with propane, gasoline, pyrotechnics, flame cannons, fireworks, or any other potentially combusitble outside fuel source.

* The average burn time on a Type I device is 3-4 minutes. When the fuel on the wicking is gone, so, too is the flame. For a frame of reference, A common fire eating torch isequivalent to 5 pocket lighters.

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