SHISHADEN: mobile lounge

The Shishaden is a mobile environment for events, festivals, weddings, and parties. We began with a hookah bar inside a transportable geodesic dome, and the concept grew to include a large tent offering, space-conversions for private clients’ parties, and turning the dome into Chill space, and even a stage backdrop for bands and DJs.

SHISHADEN is an Environment~ a world-within a world. Created as an alternative environment offering for events, weddings and festivals, where people sit, relax, make new friends, and simply ‘take it all in’. Originally created as a hookah dome, this unique ‘evnivronment-within-an-environment’ has served as a space for multiple functions, including VIP lounges, receptions, yoga classes, DJ stages, cabaret/sideshow stage, compact DJ dance club, and more.
It’s both a relaxing daytime chill spot, and a surefire latenight hotspot. And always a visually stimulating accessory to your event that people will be talking about long after your event.

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