Wedding entertainment ideas: Fire dancers & Sacred ceremonies

We love weddings! To us, the fire is highly symbolic, and in itself, ceremonious. The flame embodies fire, passion, desire, and dance and sacred ceremony.

And so we’ve created some fantastic offerings especially for such occasions. Here are some of our signature pieces..All of which are adaptable to fit your unique needs.

Dinners are great occasions for feature fire shows as scheduled entertainment. Even better, when it’s a complete surprise. Your crazy ideas are welcome here.


Our most commonly booked wedding entertainment is a male-female team, conveying harmony and balance. We often perform a hybrid of roving sets with a short feature finale. Roving segments are flexible, but commonly last about 45 minutes, usually with a 10 minute feature finale featuring larger fire effects. We also work well as background, roving ambiance, and guest-greeting at entry.

Couples wanting a bigger flame ceremony instead of, or in addition to the traditional candle lighting can have ignite together, a symbolic torch or fire pit, which burns throughout the evening, bringing new family and guests together around a communal flame. Symbolic AND functional.

Having problems finding other artists? Let us know. We’re not all fire. We also work with enough ice sculptors, aerialists, DJs, and other artists, that we’d be happy to refer you…just about anywhere.

Let’s get your entertainment underway!

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